I Broke Up With Twitter

I have decided that after 6 years, I needed to break up with Twitter. Continue reading I Broke Up With Twitter


5 Really Wild Sex Facts about E.B.

(In no particular order)

1. I once had so much car sex, that my windows collected enough humidity to never be completely transparent again. 

2. The girl who took my virginity stole my money, but left me her underwear as a souvenir. 

3. Most of my sexual partners have told me that they were only using me as a sperm donor, and it was irrelevant if I stuck around for their pregnancy. 

4. My daily orgasm record is 6.  I was a bit younger. 

5. I want to embrace my bisexuality but I would lose my job, family, and most friends. Staying closeted is more realistic at this point. 

Facts are fun!

My Fantasy

Describe a sexual fantasy you have.

Oh gosh, I have so many…

My big one right now is attending an underwear party with my most attractive guy friends.  I wouldn’t even care if I was the ugly one in the group.

I think it would be amazing to get down to our bare essentials, no shirts, no pants.  We dance all night, and go home horny well beyond normal levels.  All those raging cocks and bare skin would make for amazing stories.

We’d all be super fucking raging from dancing with all those girls that there would be no secret about it.  We’d all be hard as fuck, and we know what we’re all going to do when we get home.  So we talk about it.  It’s a bunch of sexy guys at our most vulnerable, and in our sexiest frames of mind.


My Last Sexual Experience

Write about your last sexual experience. How was it different from your first sexual experience?

My last sexual experience was not a “two people in love” situation.  It was not a beautiful gift between two people who are meant as one.  It was a release.

She called me, pretty much out of the blue, after months of general quiet.  She asked me what I was doing, and if she could come over for a while.  I said, sure.

There wasn’t much conversation.  Just a few minutes of catching up before getting down to business.  There wasn’t much conversation afterwards either.  It just sort of happened.  We both just needed the physical contact.

When I had my first sexual experience, I was absolutely desperate.  I didn’t want to die a virgin, but it sure felt like it was going to end up that way.  The last one, wasn’t like that at all.  I offered her a safe place.  Somewhere she could release with and not worry about the guilt we’d share afterwards.  No desperation at all, just a release we desperately needed.